Selasa, 18 Mei 2010

What's the best part of breaking up?

1. started to pay attention to all the songs and you will listen to every single word in there, lyrics will have a new whole meaning.

2. the good thing about a break up? good music. people will share everything in there, write some lyrics, making songs, just to remembering him/her. they can't write for crap when they're happy, but when they're sad the words just happen.

3. things will get easier in a little bit of time. the good thing about a breakup is you will have all of this negativity about what he/she did not do in your earlier relationship.

4. you will lose your weight! hahaha. :D

5. another good thing about a breakup is that you will quickly learn who your good friends are and who your great friends are.

6. you will try get over her. don't do alcohol, drugs, and things. the more you try to forget her/him, the closer you get. she's your drugs, she's your vodka, but don't erase him/her, take it as a lesson. you will get better in the next relationship, stronger and smarter. DON'T SAY YOU CAN'T FORGET HER/HIM!

7. the good thing about breaking up with the other person, is that you can get them to go back out with you whenever you want, in your mind :)

8. you can see what didn't work and what did. then you can learn what you want in the next relationship. a bit deep and meaningful but that's what i think.

9. now you can go out with someone else, who you will most certainly like better than the girl/boy you broke up with.

10. the one good thing about breaking up is getting the chance to post it on the internet. hahaha, they're the one who can hear us right? :p

in the end,
"love is always be love, don't hate each other because of love"

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